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The Granule produced and marketed by Gran Sagro is a valuable material from the basins of the Apuan Alps in upper Tuscany. As to the intrinsic characteristics of the product, it contains a high percentage of calcium carbonate and a very low content of silica and iron, which are appreciated in many areas. As for the specific granulometry, Gran Sagro can offer up to 13 granulometric fractions, ranging from 30 microns to 100 mm, for each material.


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Gran Sagro is also able to provide pebbles of different sizes depending on customer requirements, making them from broken granules with specialized machinery in the stonework. The Gran Sagro pebbles are classified according to the following measures:


7-15 mm 15-25 mm 25-40 mm 40-60 mm
60-100 mm 100-150 mm

150-200 mm






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