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Cookies are small text files stored in the browser when using Web sites or applications. You can control how Websites use cookies by configuring your privacy settings in your browser (see your browser's guide to learn more about cookie control). Note that if you completely disable GRAN SAGRO S.R.L.'s cookies, websites, and applications May not work properly.

GRAN SAGRO S. R.L. And companies that help us manage our business use cookies in a variety of ways, such as:

Authenticate and identify users on our Web sites and applications so we can provide the required services
Remember user preferences, or where a previous session was interrupted while using a GRAN SAGRO S.R.L web site or application.
Measure the use of GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. For the user to help us improve them, personalize our websites and online services according to your interests and conduct market research
Understanding the probable interests of users to provide more targeted messages GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. And content on websites and applications not GRAN SAGRO S.R.L.
Perform GRAN SAGRO SRL's GRAN SAGRO SRL advertising services and customization services. Our customers use these services to measure the use of their web sites by users or to create websites and targeted online messages for The user

Learn more about cookies from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Cookie-like technologies

From a technical standpoint, cookies are called "HTTP cookies". There are other technologies that can be used for similar purposes, such as local HTML5 storage. To authenticate users, keep track of the information provided by users, and remember the user preferences (see the points mentioned above) we can use HTML5.


Web beacons and built-in scripts

Web beacons and embedded scripts are other technologies we use in our Web sites and applications, as well as in some of our e-mails and messages.

Web beacons (or "tags") consist of simple programming code included on web pages, e-mails and messages that communicate to GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. (Or companies that help us do our business) when those web pages, emails, or messages have been viewed or selected.

Embedded scripts are programming code within some of our web pages that measure how to use them, such as selected links. We use this information to improve our Web sites and services online, to adapt our websites and online services to the probable interests of users and to conduct market research. Users can disable scripting features, such as JavaScript, within the browser (see the browser help feature). Keep in mind that if you disable the scripting feature, some websites and applications of GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. May not work properly



How to control cookies and similar technologies

GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. Provides browser controls to facilitate cookie management. Cookies can also be accepted, but you can undo them for behavioral targeting. For example, GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. preferences and deletion controls. Are available at http://choice.live.com/advertisementchoice/.


Browser controls to block cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but allow you to change browser settings to block cookies. For example, in Internet Explorer 11, cookies can be blocked by the following steps:

Click "Tools", then select "Internet Options"
Select the Privacy tab at the top of the window
Move the cursor up or down to select the types of cookies to block
Instructions for blocking cookies in other browsers are available on every browser privacy statement.

Keep in mind that if you choose to block cookies, you may not be able to access or use other interactive features of sites and services GRAN SAGRO S.R.L. Based cookies


Browser controls to clear cookies.

If you accept cookies, you can delete them later. For example, Internet Explorer 11 cookies can be deleted by doing the following:

Click "Tools", then select "Internet Options"
On the "Generals" tab, under "Exploration History", click the "Delete" button
In the popup window that appears, select the box next to Cookies
Click the button